Cross Pitching People From Other Organisations

Cross Pitching People From Other Organisations

There is a bad practice that filters through the ‘work from home’ industry, whether it is MLM, direct sales, or affiliate programs.

It is called ‘cross pitching’. Let me explain.

You join the Acme company, and bring in distributors. Everything is going fine. Then someone in that organisation decides it is not working for them. They contact you and try to encourage you to join another organisation.

Soon, everyone starts ‘pitching’ everyone else to join other ventures. And so it goes on…

If you belong to, or promote another venture, please don’t even think of trying to entice any of those people to join you in your affiliate program.

As you know, you do not actually get paid for the introduction of, or from the efforts of other affiliates. So the only real need to ‘pitch’ people is for them to take out the TV streaming service.  Even so, please do not pitch people that you know in your other venture(s) for the service. By all means, advertise on social media – a great way to get all of your customers and let those people express an interest by approaching you.

You will have the opportunity to get as many customers as you want, as we progress. I will help you with that. Let’s just leave people in other ventures alone, so we build a good name and an ethical reputation, rather than give others the impression that you belong to a sleazy organisation.


By the way, if you need a gentle reminder, here is the section in the affiliate terms that you agreed to when you registered. Please read it through.

  1. Under no circumstances are affiliates allowed to ‘cross pitch’ members of any other MLM, direct sales or affiliate program that they belong to, i.e., they must not directly approach those members and encourage them to join the affiliate program. First of all, there is no financial benefit to gain from doing so as affiliates are not paid for the recruitment of other affiliates – only customers, and secondly it is unethical and bad practice to pitch or entice members away from other organisations. If a person contacts affiliates through general advertising and makes enquiries about the program, that is acceptable.
  2. Any affiliate found actively ‘cross pitching’ will have their affiliate agreement terminated.

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