How to watch TV on iPhone

At present, you cannot download the app to your iPhone or iPad

however, there is an easy way to watch TV on these devices

Simply go to your web browser (google, firefox, etc.) and type in

Then login using your username and password

Easy peasy!


How To Reduce Buffering Tips

We often get feedback from some customers that they experience buffering

More often than not, it is something to do with the customer’s equipment or devices.

Please take a minute to go through this video to see if you can improve things.


The first half is narration. The second half is a visual walkthrough.


Clear cache

How To Clear Cache for Better Viewing & Disable Screensaver (Firestick)

By Mandy Elliott

It is key to keep your cache clear. On the Fire stick, as an example, when the screen saver plays if you check the cache this can be over 400mb of your Fire stick storage space used in minutes.
Make it a daily habit (or in any case weekly).

Go to Fire stick
See the links at the top of the screen
Navigate to the Settings Menu
Select the Applications Menu
Select Manage Installed Apps
scroll through your apps one at a time
Scroll down on each one and select CLEAR CACHE
DO NOT CLEAR DATA as this deletes that app.
Keep the Cache clean and clear.
By keeping your cache clear this will certainly reduce the possibility of buffering.

Nick Belcher

You can disable the screensaver, On Amazon Home screen go to settings, Display & Sound, Click Screensaver. Select Start time, Choose never. Your Screensaver will no longer rinse your data storage.


How to Make Sure Your Affiliates are Registered to You 

This is quite important – and it has been put in place so that you do not lose out.

First of all, let’s go through the system. 

 You tell people about this excellent service and provide your affiliate link. 

Your prospect clicks on your link, and goes to your affiliate site. 

They register as a customer. (They have to in order to become an affiliate). 

As a result, you get £7.50 per month from that. 

(You do not get anything if your affiliates then registers customers and affiliates – just the £7.50 per month for as long as they use the service).


If you are promoting the service, that can quickly build up to a nice residual monthly income.  

I would rather have 100 people using the service and receiving £750 a month, instead of 1000 affiliates sitting round doing nothing apart from the odd sale, as happens with so many affiliate programs. You see, the work from home industry is full of  ‘moths’  flitting from one thing to the other, and barely settling on the next shiny thing before flitting off again. 

Affiliate numbers are for vanity – residual income for sanity…

So if you can trap them on the way past, you can get paid every month for years. 

There is a downside. Let me explain.

When someone sees your affiliate link, for example 

they may remove your ID number from the end, and go straight to   

(For some reason, some people believed that if they go direct to the company they will get a better deal. As a result, you will miss out).

That’s not good is it? 

We thought of that… 

All affiliate applications are checked manually. So if someone ignores being a customer, and tries to just be an affiliate, you don’t gain anything. They cannot be ‘just’ an affiliate and their application will be refused. 

If you personally introduce someone that you know, and they bypass you, admin has a way of allocating that affiliate to you so you don’t lose out. However, for people that you know, you need to supply proof that you introduced them. 

To cover all eventualities regarding people that you don’t know (i.e., from Facebook advertising)  you need to get a Bitly link. 

This is extremely important so please read carefully 

Go to Bitly and paste in your affiliate url, I.e., (x = your number) 


You will then receive a Bitly link to give out. 

Note, you can dream up your own Bity link. For example, mine is now 

When someone click on this link in your ad, they are taken to your affiliate site – in this example they would be taken to vpntv.euref=3 

Ah, you say – but they could still knock off the affiliate link at the end when they see that in the address bar! 

It doesn’t matter – they are allocated to you having clicked through to the site. 

So please – before you begin splattering advertising all over the place get yourself a Bitly link so that you don’t lose out – and please check the other blogs re advertising, using copyright images etc. 

By the way – the other good thing about a Bitly link is that you get to see how many visitors are going to your site – so you can tell whether your advertising is working or not.

Good, or what!

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