Approved Advertising, Expats

Approved Advertising, Expats

The VPNtv service is a global offering, saving people around the world a ton of money, whilst offering them the opportunity to access TV programs, movies, etc. that they couldn’t normally access.

Having lived in Spain for many years, I am well aware of the difficulties in trying to watch British television, let alone things like F1, football, etc.

I also know that in the USA and Canada they pay hundreds of dollars for their TV services.

So you have a golden opportunity to literally build a worldwide income, through the likes of social media using images to attract customers online

Here are some pointers. Suggest you read them carefully.

Post an approved image (see below).. Add a headline that will get attention.

There are MILLIONS of Facebook groups. In February 2020 Zuckerberg announced there being over 400,000,000, yes – over 400 MILLION Facebook groups. So plenty of space for each of us.
When posting be respectful and if you see someone else just posted a VPN TV post in a Facebook group, or on any social media, do not over post as that dilutes. With millions of groups post in some different groups.
It isn’t all about posting in Networking Groups as this is a product that everyone uses. Everyone knows what TV is. Everyone likes good value and saving money.
Example if you are a golfer why not post in golfing groups.
5 posts a day MAXIMUM and this will keep you out of Facebook jail for “over posting”.

There are many online FREE areas to post to expats.
Search google such as FREE ADS SPAIN. FREE ADS USA. Also EXPATS FREE ADS. EXPATS SPAIN (Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, etc.)
USA Craigslist is very popular.
Use other social media too. Do not restrict yourself to Facebook. Instagram is fabulous for advertising for expats on.

In the USA the average household spends between $200 – $600 per month on their TV viewing packages. That is a massive market to attract. Look how much money they can potentially save over one year!
Make people aware this is not necessarily to eliminate their TV Cable bills but can be a means to greatly reduce these bills.
Some local USA viewing may not be available with VPN TV and this is why the 7 Day FREE TRIAL is such a gift. It gives the user plenty of time to see what is streaming and to compare with their existing TV package. Most in the USA will keep this and not want to give it back. They can perhaps cut back on their existing viewing package. Save money and make money with VPN TV.

Similar to USA the Canadians pay between CAD $100 – CAD $500 per month for viewing.

The 7 DAY FREE TRIAL is a fantastic feature. When you message or talk with your prospects inform how as an Affiliate they can “get theirs free” by referring just two people. Neighbours, friends and family will want what they have. Show also how there is an unlimited income plan.

Check out these images to use:


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Some great content, well done, keep them coming ?


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Thanks. We try our best!

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